M. Brianna Stallings

M. Brianna Stallings

Writer extraordinaire.

Writer. Editor. Proofreader. Voice actor. Die-hard music nerd.

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Hunger Mountain

Get Lit With Zinester/Book Publisher Sage Adderley-Knox

"Zines matter because they give people a voice. They can be used as a powerful tool in our communities." - Sage Adderley-Knox, zinester/book publisher, Sweet Candy Distro & Press (Hunger Mountain - VCFA Journal of the Arts)

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Hunger Mountain

Julianna Baggott Whispers Urgently into Our Ears

Class-led interview with critically acclaimed bestselling author Julianna Baggott. Edited by Stallings and Breanne Cunningham. (Hunger Mountain - VCFA Journal of the Arts)