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M. Brianna Stallings

Writer extraordinaire.

Writer. Editor. Proofreader. Voice actor. Die-hard music nerd.

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Whtwomen article

Equality for HER

Ode to White Women from a White Woman (And Why I Shouldn't Have to be White to Get You to Listen)

Fdt chulo press andy bk 2645 e1499273148811 article
She Shreds Magazine

The Empowerment, Unity, and Traditions Behind Flor de Toloache's Mariachi Fusion

The members of mariachi band Flor de Toloache are most definitely more than “Las Caras Lindas,” or “the pretty faces,” as their new album title translates in English.

Sexwithmurderer2 article

The Night I Slept With A Murderer

Once upon a time, this was me. I lived to tell the tale; another woman didn't.

Orcamp article

This Land is Our Land: S. Jaquelyn Rieke and the Future of Onion River Campground

A public hearing on Rieke's permit request was held by the Marshfield Development Review Board at the Old Schoolhouse on June 8. The hearing was to address the request for a site plan review and conditional use permit; copies are on file in the office of the Marshfield Town Clerk on School Street. (Featured in the June 15th edition of the Montpelier Bridge)

Markedforlife11 e1487883774233 article
Hunger Mountain

Get Lit With Zinester/Book Publisher Sage Adderley-Knox

"Zines matter because they give people a voice. They can be used as a powerful tool in our communities." - Sage Adderley-Knox, zinester/book publisher, Sweet Candy Distro & Press (Hunger Mountain - VCFA Journal of the Arts)

Jbupcomingpoetrybook 200x300 article
Hunger Mountain

Julianna Baggott Whispers Urgently into Our Ears

Class-led interview with critically acclaimed bestselling author Julianna Baggott. Edited by Stallings and Breanne Cunningham. (Hunger Mountain - VCFA Journal of the Arts)

Donald henry gaskins article

The Day I Kicked A Murderer - The Montpelier Bridge (Oct. 20, 2016)

The year that I was born, Pee Wee Gaskins was serving year three of a life sentence for murder, one that had initially been a death sentence. Following my third birthday, that sentence would be commuted back to death after Gaskins, then being held in a maximum security prison, used explosives and a plastic cup to kill a neighboring inmate.

Abq free press masthead aug 10 2016 1 article

ABQ Free Press Masthead, 10 August 2016

Second of two issues for which I served as Associate Arts Editor.

Chain bridge 111329 article

The Sassy Lass: On Flight Delays, Rain Gauges And the Rio Grande Roundabout – ABQ Free Press (29 June 2016)

Hi-diddly-ho there! This is not Ned Flanders from “The Simpsons” but The Sassy Lass, your friendly neighborhood brainiac. Questions about flying planes, falling rains and roundabout lanes round out this week’s column, so let’s dive right in!

Abq free press masthead july 27 2016 1 article

ABQ Free Press Masthead, 27 July 2016

First of two issues for which I served as Associate Arts Editor.

Judith maynard article

What Do You Say at a Time Like This? Religious leaders, Counselors Offer Advice After Orlando shootings

'We certainly ought to pray, but prayer without action is impudent, and action without prayer is arrogant' - Fr. Frank Quintana (ABQ Free Press, 16 June 2016)

Spot3 31 article

Get Your OctoFair On – ABQ Free Press (16 June 2016)

Visit The Octopus and the Fox (514 Central SE) for a free afternoon of shopping from over 35 vendors at the fifth annual Summer OctoFair on Saturday, June 18, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Salfeatured article

Adrienne Salinger Talks Teen Spirit – ABQ Free Press (30 June 2016)

Photographer and UNM professor Adrienne Salinger spoke by phone with ABQ Free Press about “In My Room,” how different generations see each other, the mixed bag of revived interest and why “90210” sucked as much in the ’90s as it does now.

Bus 13 690x450 article

Racking Up the Miles on ABQ Ride – ABQ Free Press (2 June 2016)

What are your experiences with ABQ Ride? How do you feel about the proposed Albuquerque Rapid Transit?

Sassy lass baseball web 690x450 article

The Sassy Lass Sorts Through Muslim Titles, Baseball & Fossil Fuel – ABQ Free Press (4 May 2016)

Ever wonder what different Muslim and Arabic titles actually mean? Or why more baseball games than football games are called due to weather? Or why fossil fuels contain mercury?